Senior Pupil Crowned 'U16 Female Freestyle Football Youth World Champion' of 2022

Senior Pupil Crowned 'U16 Female Freestyle Football Youth World Champion' of 2022
Senior Awards

After months of dedicated practice and showcasing of skills along with over a hundred other applicants, current pupil Isabel H was crowned the WWFA 'U16 Female Freestyle Football Youth World Champion' of 2022!

 The competition took place during November and December, with the final being held on Saturday 17th December. Competitors were ranked according to the quality of a 60 second 'set' that each participant submitted for qualification. After the top 16 rankings were established, 'circle battles' took place via video submission where Isabel competed against 3 other freestylers from the Netherlands, Norway and UK.

Once again, she topped the group rankings and the seed of first place was planted once again.

After the top 16 were selected, the next round of 1v1 battles commenced and soon established who would be in the top 4 and go ahead to the semi finals. Isabel shared more details of each round:

"The rules are you each have 3 rounds of 30 seconds where the 3 judges then vote to their say on who was the better freestyler based on different categories including style, difficulty, execution and many more. Here I faced Britt from the Netherlands and again and managed to beat her 3-0 with a very solid round. This then meant I was through to the top 4 where I was guaranteed two more battles, including the semi-final and then either the 3rd place play-off, or the final itself.

The other opponents battled it out and I found out I was facing Sofie from Denmark who I am very good friends with so would be an exciting battle. Here I managed to produce some of my best rounds with no drops in the first round and managed to pull off some of my hardest tricks still managing to keep some tricks a secret for the final that helped me beat 3-0."


Isabel headed through to the final, facing her Japanese opponent with a battle of different styles and gave a perfect performance. After the first two judges had cast one vote in favour for each opponent, it was down to the final judge to decide who would become the champion...

You can watch the final competition here, where you'll see our very own Monktonian crowned as the U16 Female Freestyle Football Youth World Champion!


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