Monkton operates an online uniform and sportswear service with SchoolBlazer.com. SchoolBlazer is the leading supplier of high-quality uniforms and sportswear to the UK's most prestigious schools.

This service provides all items of uniform and also provides name tag application free of charge.

For guidance on how to shop or measuring guides, please refer to their website. 

Shop at SchoolBlazer.com

Second-Hand Uniform

At Monkton we have a uniform to be proud of and given its high quality and how quickly children can grow (!) it is often still in good condition once they have grown out of it.

We have now partnered with Uniformis, where second hand uniform can be bought and sold.

Buy & Sell Second-Hand Uniform

*Old style uniform can be donated to The Fisherman's Rest charity in Malawi. Please bring contributions to the MPP, MPS or MSS reception areas.


Blazer (Boys) Blazer (Boys)
Blazer (Girls) Blazer (Girls)
Cardigan Cardigan
Dress Dress
Shorts Shorts
Skirt Skirt
Socks Socks
Sweater Sweater
Tie Tie
Trousers Trousers