Monkton Senior School

Monkton has an extraordinary ethos in which a culture of self-discovery is underpinned by the powerful pastoral provision to ensure that above all else pupils know who they are. We celebrate failure, reflect on our mistakes and constantly strive to do better. We build confidence, explore the world around us and develop curiosity.

Monkton is a deliberately smaller school (400 pupils) which sits comfortably amongst its Rugby group peers as offering the very best all-round experience possible. No individual gets lost at Monkton; being smaller means no one gets lost in the cracks. Not only can pupils take part in a huge range of activities, unlike so many schools where the same 10% of pupils do 90% of what happens, at Monkton, 90% do.

Chris Wheeler, Principal and Head of the senior school outside coversing with pupils

We are a busy, vibrant school where everyone ends the term exhausted but fulfilled and, thanks to our market-leading pastoral care, happy.

Schools are not buildings, websites or vision statements; they are people.

No website will capture a school but this is especially true of Monkton. If any of the above strikes a chord, do come and visit; I would love you to experience it in person.

Chris Wheeler

Parent Testimonial

"We are based in London and our son attended a Private Prep School there, but when it came to choosing a Senior School we felt that the schools in London did not offer what we wanted for him. The schools seemed to be either totally academically focussed or the complete opposite, with not a lot in between and so, we made the decision to look further afield.

We visited twenty schools across the South, but when we arrived on site at Monkton we could just feel there was something different and special about it. We instantly felt a warmth and care towards our family that held true with what we had read about the school’s ethos.

We felt that Monkton had a unique approach based on the idea that if a child is happy and supported then they will thrive and that to achieve this you need to have an all-round focus, not just concentrate on the academics. Added to this we found that the school’s results were the equal to those we considered in London so we were confident that this approach was proving a success.

Being a Christian family, the true faith element of Monkton also appealed to us and we have found that the School strike just the right balance between being a school where pupils are able to be part of as much or as little of the Christian aspects of the school as they want and need to be.

We had considered relocating our whole family from London, however we decided that the right decision was to remain there and for our son to board and seeing the boarding provision on offer at Monkton made this decision easier than it may otherwise have been. The Houseparent system at Monkton is brilliant and we feel like there is a true partnership between ourselves and the school which I don’t think you get everywhere. I 100% trust Monkton with my child and I don’t think I could have found a better place for him.

Looking back, I have no regrets at all about choosing Monkton. The teaching standard is high and my family cannot believe the progress our son has made in his time at Monkton. The pastoral care from all the staff, not just the houseparents, has allowed him to learn to be more independent in a safe, but not overbearing, environment. The transport links from London are brilliant and we never feel we are very far away and the school is set in a beautiful environment that our son would not have experienced if he had remained at school in London.

Most of all I would say that Monkton really is a special place where they do live up to their mantra of ‘thinking differently’. You truly get the feeling that your child them self, not just the results they get, is the most important thing to everyone at the school and it is not just something written on the school website."