Medical Centres

Our School priority is to promote a safe and supportive environment for all students. The School’s Medical Centre being at the heart of this ethos. The  Medical Centres are staffed by qualified medical personnel, including registered nurses and paramedics. 

The Medical Centre supports our students through their health needs, treating a wide range of illnesses, injuries, mental health support and liaising with other healthcare professionals. Close relationships are built between the medical team and the House Parents to support the students, though ensuring confidentiality is maintained as needed.   

We are open during term time from 7:30am to 5:30pm at the Prep School and 24 hours a day at the Senior School. These can be accessed by the students as needed. There are bedrooms within the centre for students who need to stay if they are unwell and need to be isolated away from their boarding house.

The school runs twice weekly doctors clinics, with our linked doctors from the Bradford on Avon Health Partnership on a Monday and Thursday morning. Physiotherapist Kirk Russell holds a clinic on Fridays. 

Families are encouraged to meet with the Nurses for any specific health needs that you as a family would like to bring to the attention of the school or nursing staff.