Welcome to Prep

A strong sense of belonging is at the heart of Monkton Prep School. With a deliberate and purposeful focus on the whole child, we seek to enable all our pupils to put down firm roots, feel grounded and secure - and as a result we believe children are empowered to achieve the very best.  

How does this play out in practice? We focus on pastoral care, ensuring we really know each child; valuing the way they think, learn, communicate, and seeking to build pupils’ confidence and tenacity for all that Prep School life has to offer. 

This goes hand in hand with pupils understanding themselves, knowing what makes them excited and engaged, how they think and learn, and enabling them to have the resources and confidence to overcome challenges. We believe failure is the greatest opportunity for future success. 

All this sits within the backdrop of our Christian ethos which permeates who we are and how we relate to one another. 

At the Prep School there is a tremendous sense of fun too. We are a genuinely happy staff team, and we have a strong culture of creativity both inside and outside the classroom. All our day and boarding pupils experience the freedom and beauty of the outdoors, find space to develop independence, and have the opportunity to take risks and think for themselves.

Choosing a school is a bit like buying a house; it is not until you step inside that you get that sense of whether it is the right place.

Do come and visit us - we would love to meet you.

Catherine Winchcombe
Head of Prep