Welcome to Monkton

Monkton is a very special and unusual place, as you will see if you come to visit. Our pupils are grounded, real and kind but equally they are thoughtful, diligent and ambitious in their goals.

So what’s different about Monkton? Aside from the stunning views, outstanding academic exam results and passionate teachers which many schools boast,  Monkton focuses on the journey of each individual in a way that is tangibly different.

Principal Chris Wheeler walks up a hill outdoors with pupils of Monkton

As pioneers in pastoral tracking, Monkton holds true to the belief that self-discovery is the key to success; not only do happy children learn but they also explore their strengths and weaknesses, develop resilience and face challenges with greater strength.  We believe in the power of failure, of taking on challenges, accepting this will mean you get some things wrong and become better people because of that.

The thing I am most proud of at Monkton is the difference you feel whenever you meet a Monktonian; at all ages, our young people show a confident humility which I have never seen anywhere else and it is very special.

No writing, no booklet, no website will ever capture something so hard to describe; you have to come and meet us yourselves.  I hope this website and our school video below gives enough of a flavour to make you think it’s worth the trip!

Chris Wheeler
Monkton Combe School