A Level Curriculum and Learning Approach

The standard Sixth Form curriculum is three A Levels from a choice of 24, an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and a course of wider academic enrichment. A few students will choose 4 A Levels, but we recommend that an EPQ often offers greater breadth than a fourth A Level. Those pupils with English as an Additional Language will follow a course which prepares them for the IELTS assessments.

Almost all A Levels (apart from Geography) are fully linear – that is, all the exam-based assessments are done at the end of Year 13. This means that, for these linear subjects, there is no external assessment (the so-called ‘AS’) at the end of Year 12, and students will be on a two-year trajectory to the exams at the end of Year 13. There will, however, be internal assessments throughout Year 12 including at the end of the year, to check on appropriate progress and give feedback. 

The course of wider academic enrichment that every student in Year 12 follows includes effective study habits, ‘after Monkton’ advice (university and careers), soft skills development, interview techniques, building constructive relationships, sexual health, time management, coping with workload and stress, healthy eating and exercise, current affairs, gambling addiction, alcohol and drug awareness. Its aim is to complement the subject-based curriculum by helping students set their expertise in subject disciplines within the wider context of important interdisciplinary skills. 

Our learning approach in the Sixth Form grows out of what we have been doing with Years 9 to 11, encouraging our pupils to become confident, kind and ambitious as they grow into academically strong, enthusiastic learners. We achieve this through careful removal of scaffolding to give pupils opportunities to learn from their mistakes. Tutors and teachers are on hand to support this process so the pupils continue on this journey.

Sixth Form Prospectus | PDF (1.8MB)

In the Sixth Form we want to make the best use of technology to enhance learning wherever possible.

All students are required to bring a laptop to every lesson, the specification of which will depend on the subjects they are following. At Monkton we are keen to develop a balanced view of technology and so look to continue to discuss with students how to use all our digital resources appropriately.