Early Years (Nursery to Reception)

In our Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Early Years children engage in learning through outstanding opportunities and facilities for imaginative, creative play, both inside and outside the classroom. We recently introduced our exciting phonics programme, tailored to support the needs and progress of each child, wherever they are in the School. It is underpinned by a process of regular reassessment and review, to ensure our children are, at all times, learning just what they need as individuals to make their next steps. 

Whatever their stage, our unique curriculum provides children with a structure for imaginative learning and a timetable that has space for creativity, for discovering new things and exploring through play as well as enjoying downtime with friends.

Reception pupils reading a book with a teacher

Nursery to Reception

The Early Years at Monkton is a nurturing and vibrant environment for young children, aged 2-5, to grow, learn and thrive. We provide a rich curriculum that encourages curiosity, creativity and independence, while also promoting the development of essential life skills such as collaboration and resilience.

Our spacious and well-equipped facilities offer a safe and stimulating environment for play and exploration, both indoors and outdoors. From our interactive classrooms to our large outdoor play area, children are given the opportunity to engage with their peers and the world around them in meaningful ways.

At Monkton, we believe that every child is unique, and our approach to education reflects this. Staff ensure that every child has the support they need to reach their full potential. Our curriculum is designed to be engaging, challenging and flexible, allowing children to follow their interests and explore their own ideas and discoveries. Children are also introduced to a range of co-curricular activities with specialist teachers, such as music, drama, French, forest school and Gym, helping them to develop new skills and make friends.

In addition to our curriculum, we place a strong emphasis on developing children's social skills and emotional intelligence. Our goal is to help the children become confident, responsible, and respectful members of society. Whether through play, storytelling, or hands-on learning experiences, our children are encouraged to express themselves, work positively together, and have fun.

We understand the importance of strong partnerships between school and home and we work closely with families to ensure a smooth and supportive transition to school life. Our open-door policy and regular communication helps parents to feel involved and informed about their child's progress.

* Please note that our Nursery and Kindergarten provision are both term time only.


Starting full-time school in Reception is a huge milestone in a child’s life. Our focus on the individual ensures a steady transition, with each child receiving the attention they need to grow in confidence, develop their academic potential and flourish. Although the curriculum becomes more structured, with regular numeracy and literacy sessions, learning is still initiated through play in dedicated, spacious classrooms and outdoor play areas, building on the learning and exploration in Nursery and Kindergarten.

In Reception, children begin to develop new skills with weekly swimming and sport sessions and they continue ballet, music, French, gym and woodland explorer sessions.

View the Reception Curriculum Summary here.