Lower School (Year 1 to 4)

In Year 1 - Year 4, Monkton pupils progress through Key Stage 1 and 2 accessing the National Curriculum for Maths and English with all the core skills needed for effective learning embedded during this phase. This is supported by Monkton’s dynamic Innovate Curriculum which draws from a wealth of other subject areas (including social anthropology, architecture and archeology) to give the children an immersive and child-led learning experience. Creative and progressive, this curriculum makes strong links between different areas of study through a thematic approach to learning, covering key skills for all subjects in a meaningful and engaging way. From making journeys to the centre of the earth come alive via green screen to creating bionic arms from cardboard to watching a T-Rex walk across the playground, Innovate sessions are always buzzing with excitement and curiosity. 

From Year 1 we also start to emphasise and encourage the development of learning skills through our ‘Pre-Senior Baccalaureate’ (PSB) framework, laying the foundations that will support and nurture each child’s learning potential, not only through their school journey, but throughout their adult life as well. The children begin to develop their independence, collaboration, leadership skills and more. 

It’s a time of discovery as they begin to explore more co-curricular activities the further up the school they go. By the end of Year 2, all will have had opportunities to develop broader skills across Creative and Expressive Arts and Languages. There are also increasing opportunities for Adventure Education, specialist sports teaching and in Years 3 - 4 competitive sports fixtures.

The Innovate Curriculum - Think