Opportunities for learning are everywhere on the Monkton site - time spent outside the classroom is just as important as the time spent inside and is an integral part of our school day.

Beyond the classrooms there are extensive shared facilities for music, drama, sport, and beautiful grounds where young children can learn with confidence, and pupils can stretch their abilities and develop their talents.

The very wide range of activities pupils can engage in outside of lessons builds their character. It enables pupils to discover new interests and develop existing ones. Activities include a variety of sports, performing arts, music and working on the school farm.

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Monkton aims to inspire confidence and a ‘give it a go’ attitude in all pupils, and we continually develop the after-school activities programme to give each child a chance to enjoy something rich and rewarding. Whether they pick basketball or Judo, cookery or photography, running club or chess, or rehearsing for a school production, each day, Monkton children have the opportunity to follow their passion, develop their character and expand their potential.