Military Families

A Military tradition

Monkton has a proud tradition of supporting the families and children of those serving in the British Armed Forces since 1870. The great grandsons of the most famous naval commander in British history, Vice Admiral Lord Nelson, was even a pupil at Monkton from 1871-1874.

Why Monkton?

At Monkton, we believe pastoral care is the cornerstone of achievement. Our teaching, care and support equips our students with the knowledge and self-awareness to be the best they can be. 

From our very first visit, we were 100% sure Monkton was for us. As a military family, it really is a home from home.

Parent and pupil testimonials:

The Davies Family


One of the greatest benefits Monkton offers is the strong connection and pull through between the Prep and the Senior School. Both our children have transitioned seamlessly from Year 8 in the Prep School to Year 9 in the Senior School. They have maintained and grown friendships with a large proportion continuing from the Prep School on to the Senior School, they had already been taught by many of the teachers and had spent so much time manoeuvring between the two sites playing sport or attending performances that they quickly settled when it was time to go up. Given the number of schools our children have attended, we are so thankful that we chose a school that offers this continuity. and delivers it so well.

Pastoral Care

As with many military families, we were reluctant to board our children but, from our very first visit, we were 100% sure that Monkton was for us. It really is a ‘home from home’ and we are as certain of that now five years on as we were when first we visited the school. Monkton’s strong focus on pastoral care just seems to permeate through pretty much every area of school life: from the attention and diligence of first rate teachers, to wonderful house parents who are forever going the extra mile to care for the kids, from a robust support system and numerous touchpoints for the children to access if they need, to incredible Personal Development classes which flex to deal with particular concerns. Our children have just been thoroughly cared for and nurtured as individuals in every aspect and we couldn’t be more grateful!

Boarding Provision

The boarding community at Monkton just ticks every box; a strong military community with all the breadth it brings alongside a number (but not a predominance) of international pupils and local flexi boarders, a strong, fun calendar of activities particularly at the Prep School and a delightful balance of rest and play at the Senior School. My children are always surrounded by friends, they really enjoy the incredible facilities at weekends and we feel the school understands and delivers a strong full boarding provision. Army families in particular, with their love of Salisbury Plain, would be mad not to look at Monkton as a boarding option for their children!

The McMillan family

Our eldest started boarding in Hatton House in 2017 when he was in Year 3, followed two years later by his brother, and this September their sister will be joining them.  My first experience of the love of Hatton was at a boarding school fair where I had just been talking to the houseparents and then left the stand, when a Hatton parent chased me across the room to tell me how amazing it was. She was so enthusiastic and wanted to share that.  From then the biggest draw for us as a family was sense of belonging and a ‘feeling’ that we got by being in the boarding house and meeting other parents.  Nothing will replace that feeling of being in the boarding house for the first time, but trying to share our experiences and love of Hatton will hopefully help.  It is so difficult choosing a boarding school in normal times but COVID has made that more challenging.  I hope that families are able to experience a little of the Hatton vibe in virtual events, until we can all meet again in person.  

We wanted a school where the pastoral side was amazing and while there have been changes since we have been at Hatton the pastoral side of life is still there.  I feel it is deep rooted in the Monkton ethos and goes from the day side all the way through to boarding.  As a parent I feel part of Hatton as much as the children.  I feel the whole family is included, so much so our daughter is a household name with everyone and hasn’t even joined yet!

Hatton is a comfortable environment, not a show home, but it is a sense of belonging and family!

The Johnson family

We chose Monkton over other schools for many reasons, but the outstanding pastoral care and the fact that it was a true boarding school with nearly all boarders staying every weekend was of paramount importance to us.  3 years in, with two very different children, we have never regretted our choice of school - Monkton has surpassed our expectations in every way.

Ethan (current pupil)

As a child in a forces family, moving around is routine, and it’s easy to feel as if you’re not putting down roots. However, Monkton’s inclusive atmosphere and warm-hearted people have finally made me feel like I belong. Coming at first was daunting, and the reality that I was arriving in boarding school was a big leap in my life, though immediately I felt a part of the community.

Monkton has helped me learn that trying is what matters, not your ability to achieve, while always challenging me to be the best me I can be. They also nurtured and shaped who I am as a person, which has aided me in my understanding about life and taking opportunities to the fullest. Monkton’s grounds are astounding and I should feel really lucky to be in such a beautiful place. The Astro pitch and rugby fields allow me to do sport and learn new things in an outdoor environment.

I always knew Monkton would be a wonderful place, and life as a boarder is amazing, and I feel my roots have now been planted. Four years ago, I would not have known a place like Monkton existed. I’m glad I do now.

Lily (former pupil)

As a child from a military family, boarding school was always something that loomed in the distance for me and the thought of it was always accompanied by a twinge of fear. However, having attended Monkton for 7 years, I wish I could go back and ease the nerves of my younger self by showing her all that boarding school has allowed me to do. 

Monkton as a community has offered me a supportive, active environment in which I have been able to access the guidance of my house-parents and teachers whilst also seeking out my own independence. 

The huge variety of opportunities on offer range from all-singing, all-dancing musicals to hard fought tussles on the hockey pitch and choirs that can’t sing (yet). The school also offers CCF and, as a forces kid, it was really enjoyable to be part of the RAF section to get a taste of my Dad’s everyday.

 The House system provides a sense of community and alleviates some of that initial homesickness that many new boarders are bound to feel, I certainly did. But after a few weekends of ultimate frisbee and the occasional paintballing trip, homesickness is almost always forgotten.

Boarding at Monkton

Our boarding ethos creates a place where pupils develop in confidence and in character, where they broaden their horizons and test their independence within a safe and supported environment.

Currently 19% of our full-time boarders and 5.5% of our weekly boarders are from forces families, with the youngest in Year 3.

Combined Cadet Force (CCF) at Monkton

Monkton is one of the few schools to operate a full Combined Cadet Force. From Year 10 onwards our pupils are able to join the Army, Navy or RAF sections and can choose to join our REME section in Year 11.

The CCF aims to develop responsibility, resilience, discipline, courage, adventure, teamwork, independence and leadership through a mixture of military and non-military activities. Each section will participate in two field days during the year: we aim to get off-site, often to military bases or training areas, to put training into practice in the field. There are annual training camps for all three sections which also offer outdoor activities such as shooting, orienteering, rock climbing, abseiling, canoeing, gliding, flying, hiking, night exercises and RYA sailing courses at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth.

The CCF offers many opportunities to gain external qualifications in these areas through camps and courses that are run by the RN or through Cadet Adventure at Capel Curig throughout the year.

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Military discount

For parents who are eligible for a Continuity in Education Allowance (CEA), we are pleased to offer a 20% discount from September 2024. This discount is offered only to boarders. Please also note that where a sibling discount or other discount is awarded, the School reserves the right to subsume the discount into the discount.

Location and transport links

Located 1 mile from Bath, Monkton is within easy reach of the major military bases across the South West with excellent transport links from across the UK.

Bath has excellent transport links with mainline train service to London Paddington every 15 minutes and taking 75 minutes to reach central London. Bristol Temple Meads is just 15 minutes away by train. It is a major hub for travel to all other parts of the country. A number of services to Bath Spa will change at Bristol Temple Meads including services from northern England, Scotland, Devon and Cornwall.

The motorway network to the north of the city is also excellent with easy access to the M5 heading both south to Exeter and north to Birmingham and beyond. Junction 18 of the nearby M4 heads east towards London and west into Wales.

Map of the South West of the UK - Higlighting Britol and Bath and other neaby landmarks and cities

Bristol International Airport is a short drive from Bath and connects to locations throughout the UK, Europe, the US, Canada and Africa.