Wild Monkton

Monkton embraces outdoor and adventure education in every way and the development of our ‘Wild Monkton’ initiative exemplifies this.

Going on an adventure and ‘risk taking’, is all part of growing up. Here at Monkton we know that if children ‘adventure’ together, explore creation and encounter risk-taking opportunities, they will grow into adults with a passion for life in a very wide sense. Adventure is where life, learning and growth meet in a great melting pot of character development, that encourages young people to challenge and develop beliefs and opinions and acquire ever-increasing understanding of their own selves and others. We do this in a loving, nurturing way that ensures each pupil is cared for as they step up and onwards in their adventures along life’s path. 

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Our 30-acre site offers children a wide range of activities and the chance to discover what inspires and excites them. The landscape forms a natural extension to the traditional classroom, enhancing creativity and collaboration as well as providing an abundance of learning opportunities for all subjects. Whether it’s Mathematics, English, History, Science or Art, our teaching staff take full advantage of our stunning site to enhance the children’s learning experience. A lovely woodland area offers many unique opportunities for both outdoor learning and fun, from building dens to cooking on the barbecue.

As you arrive on site, you will see our mini Monkton farm where the children help care for sheep and goats and other visiting animals. With sustainability being at the forefront of many national discussions, Monkton teaches children all about the importance of being healthy and how we can become more sustainable by picking up early gardening skills in their own allotments. Our children learn how to sow, plant, and maintain a vegetable garden and how to use their own produce for a healthy diet.