Monkton Giving Day 2023

Monkton Giving Day 2023
Whole School Event

Giving Day on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th saw our whole school community come together through fun activities onsite, alongside incredible online support. We were once again blown away by the generosity of our community, who came together to raise important funds for Transformational Bursaries and Expressive Arts - a huge thank you to all who played their part in the success of the day.

It was fabulous to welcome parents and grandparents for an Expressive Arts afternoon at the Prep School. The enthusiasm with which the Year 5 drama games were entered into and the joyful sound created by the parent Big Sing were real highlights. We always love when we can share what goes on at MPS with the parent community and we are so thankful for the positive response that we receive from you all. 

At the Senior school, our pupils and staff took part in an Ergo-thon challenge, aiming to row as far as possible by the end of the day. In total they rowed almost 870 km, making it just past Geneva, Switzerland - a truly fantastic achievement!

Our pupils also had a chance to reflect on what they are thankful for with our Trees of Hope, made especially by our design department and it was wonderful to see the tree filling throughout the day. Some quotes include:

“I am thankful for my Monkton family”

“I am thankful for my bursary”

“I am thankful for my houseparents and all my friends”

Watch some highlights from the day: 

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