I Can & I Am Bus Visits Monkton Prep

I Can & I Am Bus Visits Monkton Prep
Prep Event

This Summer's 'Wild Monkton Day' at our Prep school held host to a wide range of exciting and interactive activities, with the 'I Can & I Am' bus arriving just in time for the day to begin.

'I Can & I Am' is a charity that was set up by James Shone - a former houseparent at Monkton Senior School. Our pupils in Year 7 & 8 had such a great time getting to know the team and engaging with all that they had in store for them!

Combining good food with a sense of togetherness and creativity, they made their own pizzas and talked openly with each other about some of their aspirations, along with how they're feeling about their journey ahead of the Prep School.

Heading up to the top deck of the bus, they were put in smaller groups for wellbeing workshops with the team who through prompts and discussions, helped them to inflate their balloons of self-belief and focus on what they are good at rather than what they are not.

James also shared his own inspiring story of overcoming adversity and the importance of looking up, looking ahead and looking out. 

Our messages are rooted in simplicity.  Everyone has a balloon of self-belief inside them.  When it’s full, life tends to be good, we bounce back from setbacks, and we feel like we have purpose.  When it’s deflated, however, life becomes a struggle, things we may have once found easy become difficult, and it becomes hard to find hope.

Our mission at I Can & I Am is to enable those we work with to recognise their own balloon, and give them the tools to keep it inflated.  The strength of this message is that it’s simple.

Thank you so much to James, Anthony, Rebecca and Alice for bringing the bus to our Prep school for 3 fun-filled and inspiring days!


For more information about the charity, visit their website here.


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