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Christian Ethos

Underpinning everything we do

Monkton Senior School ChapelMonkton continues to enjoy a distinctive Christian ethos. The Chapel stands at the heart of the school and most mornings begin with a short service led by either staff or pupils. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, the whole school comes together for worship in the Chapel. We are extremely blessed to have such a beautiful space for this. 

Christian Union

There is a thriving Christian Union run by young people for young people. It meets every Wednesday evening, when up to 100 pupils get together to worship, to pray and to listen to good biblical teaching. They also have regular guest speakers from both this country and from abroad to encourage them in their faith.

A message from the CU

'At Monkton, the Christian Union is an open space for students to explore their faith and continue in their walk with Jesus. On Wednesday evenings, over 100 members of the school’s Christian community join together in a relaxed environment to worship and share in fellowship. Renowned for its strong presence in the school, its student-led team and talks from various speakers, the Christian Union is fully alive in Monkton.

A primary focus of the CU is to meet the spiritual needs of the students. We aim to do this during CU L8R (a unique opportunity for the seniors to pray and worship on Wednesday evenings), prayer meetings (held in Friday break time with the perk of free biscuits) and by simply coming alongside fellow students when they need support. By investing time and energy into the Christian life of the school, the CU has seen God move throughout the student body and from hearing several testimonies it is clear that pupils are really getting to grips with their faith and how they walk it out day by day.

As a changing and growing group of young people, the CU aims to initiate new ways of meeting God, serving and accepting his people, and encouraging one another as the Body of Christ. We are so grateful for the opportunities that the school provides us with to help us grow in our faith and providing us with a true foundation for the future.'

Bible Study

On Monday evenings, each year group has the opportunity to meet with members of staff to study the Bible together, pray and build meaningful friendships in a safe and supportive environment.


Monkton Prayer Fellowship

Everything that takes place at Monkton is supported by prayer.  As well as the prayer that takes place in our Chapel worship, more informal prayer takes place in other places and at other times of the day.  Over the past year we have seen the chaplaincy building transformed into a space for prayer.  Prayer is hard to define but it is the spiritual discipline by which we express our need for God and through which we ask for God's help and involvement in everything we are and do.  It is something with which everyone can be involved and no prayer is too simple or too insignificant.

On a Tuesday morning before the school day begins there is a Staff Prayer Breakfast that all staff are invited to attend, during which whoever is gathered spends time praying for the school and everyone involved.

There is also a range of student led prayer groups within houses and year groups.

Contact our Head of Chaplaincy Andy Hutchison -

Parent Year Group Prayer

Each Friday morning, Andy hosts a prayer group for parents and relatives from all three schools. The time is spent sharing a breakfast together before moving into a time of prayer for the school. If you would like to know more, please contact Andy at -

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