PsychologyA Level Years 12 and 13

Psychology aims to increase understanding of ‘mind and behaviour’. This involves explaining a range of behaviours, including Attachment, Memory and Psychopathological conditions such as Schizophrenia and OCD. It covers understanding and critical analysis of theories and methodology (including basic statistical analysis) which develops a range of transferable skills valued by Higher Education and employers.

What do I need before starting this course? 

Grade 6 in Biology and Mathematics are required for students taking Psychology.

What will I learn? 

Psychology aims to introduce a range of psychological theories, models, and relevant research methods (including some statistical analysis). The course covers the main concepts of the Behavioural, Cognitive, Psychodynamic and Humanistic Approaches, as well as Bio-psychological explanations. These are examined in the context of our memory, early childhood experiences, social behaviour (conformity and obedience), as well as psychopathology (‘abnormal’ behaviour). Some of this work is based on small scale practical projects. A key element is a focus on the application of the material to ‘real-life’ which is also reflected in the examinations.

How is this course assessed? 

This A Level involves three papers at the end of Year 13. Question papers include a range of multiple choice and short answer questions together with short essays. During the course, assessment will include essays, research reports and regular tests throughout the two years making use of each question style.

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