Music Technology

Music TechnologyA Level Years 12 and 13

Technology has impacted on all areas of our lives, and music is no exception. Studying music technology will allow students to gain insight and understanding into this fascinating area, including key features such as mixing, engineering, producing and composing. The course is a very practical one, and students will spend a lot of time in Monkton’s recording studios and live rooms developing their skill-sets. As well as work in the classroom, music tech students will have opportunities to hone their practical skills supporting such events as Band Night, musical and theatrical productions, and composing for various audiences.

What do I need before starting this course?

Whilst a GCSE in music is not a necessary requirement for this course, a fundamental knowledge of music production software (ideally Logic) is very important. We also require students to demonstrate practical competencies on a musical instrument, as there are aspects of the course that require students to act as session musicians for one another.

What will I learn? 

The course is very practical in nature and offers students the opportunity to gain skills, knowledge and understanding in the following areas:


  • Mixing and Mastering recording
  • Live recording techniques (particularly mic placement and use of a mixing desk)
  • Sequencing skills using Logic Pro X
  • Songwriting and production
  • Audio manipulation for creative purposes
  • Principles of recording technology
  • The development of recording and production technology

(See the Edexcel website for further details).

This course is particularly useful for students wishing to pursue a Music Technology Course at University or indeed a general Music course. It is particularly useful for students interested in the study of Popular Music and/or Music Management. This course is suitable for those wishing to pursue the following careers in Music Production, Music Management, Music Teaching and Music Performance (in a Popular context).

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