Extended Project Qualification

Extended Project QualificationYear 12

The Extended Project Qualification provides an opportunity for students to develop the rigorous independent learning skills that are so vital for university and beyond, while at the same time encouraging the intellectual freedom to select and research a topic about which they have an existing or developing passion. It affords the chance to work outside the constraints of subject specifications and to individually plan and execute their work within set timeframes. The course attracts UCAS points, is worth half an A Level and will be completed by all students during Year 12.

What do I need before starting this course?

All Year 12 students will undertake an EPQ. As you will be given every guidance permitted by the board throughout the course, the main requirement is an interest in a particular topic area which you would like to pursue further. Examples of subjects which Monktonians have used in the past cover a wide range including English Literature, Religion, Biology, Sport, Psychology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography and many more. Specific topics include; Hunting and Sustainable Consumptive use of Wildlife; Explanations for Warfare; Dr. Faustus; Arab/ Israeli conflict, War on Cancer; Animal Rights; Criminality, and Economic and Political aspects of the Olympic Games.

What will I learn?

Each student, supported by a supervisor, chooses their own topic and title (which can be related to chosen A Levels or completely separate), designs a detailed plan of how they will develop and realise their objectives and keeps a reflective log on their own progress. You will then either research, develop and write an essay of 5000 words or produce an artefact and accompanying report of 2000 words. Finally you will deliver a presentation detailing your process and outcomes.

During this course, you will be given guidance and practical experience of independent research, selecting and assessing resources for a purpose, citing references, planning and monitoring your own progress, adapting the course of the project as necessary and how to write up and present an academic ‘article’. 

How is this course structured and assessed? 

The course is entirely coursework based (there is no exam). It is assessed using four criteria: project management; using resources effectively; project development/realisation; and an evaluation of the success of the project. EPQ is timetabled along with other subjects. Introductory sessions for each element of the course will take place in the first term with Supervisors organising individual sessions with students to monitor progress and advise on plans over the course of the year. There is also a final short presentation to be given on the process of the project; this forms part of the assessment. To ensure that progress is maintained there will be published deadlines throughout the course. Work is internally assessed and moderated by EPQ tutors and externally moderated by the examination board. 

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