Classical Civilisation

Classical CivilisationClassical Civilisation focuses on the civilisations of Greece and Rome, and provides students with a broad and rewarding study of the classical world. Students have the opportunity to study elements of the literature, visual/material culture and thoughts of the classical world while acquiring an understanding of their social historical and cultural contexts.

You don’t have to know any languages - the texts are in translation - all you need is an interest in the ancient world and its cultures. Classical Civilisation involves interesting discussions that are directly relevant to today’s world.

A Level Years 12 & 13

What do I need before starting this course?

There are no qualifications required, merely an interest in the Classical world.

How is the course structured and what will I learn

The course will be split into two topics that are studies sequentially: 1) 'The World of the Hero', which consists of an in-depth study of Homer's Odyssey, and; 2) 'The Imperial Image', which consists of an examination of the ways in which Augustus conveyed his personal brand to all social classes of Rome. Regarding the latter, the idea of a Roman politician successfully 'spinning' a propaganda campaign is highly relevant to our society today.

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