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Prep School Term Dates

Dates of the School Year - 2017-2018

Dates of the School Year - 2018/2019


Start:        Sunday 2nd September (Boarders) / Monday 3rd September (Day Pupils)
Finish:        Wednesday 12th December
Half Term:    4:15pm Friday 19th October - Sunday 4th November
        1st Leave Weekend: 4.15pm Friday 28th September - Sunday 30th September
        2nd Leave Weekend: 1.00pm Friday 23rd November - Sunday 25th November

LENT 2019

Start:        Monday 7th January (Boarders) Tuesday 8th January (Day Pupils)
Finish:        Friday 29th March (Easter Service ends 12:15pm)
        (Easter weekend Friday 19th April –  Monday 22nd April)
Half Term:     4:15pm Friday 15th February – Sunday 24th February
1st Leave Weekend: 4:15pm Friday 25th January - Sunday 27th January
        2nd Leave Weekend: 4:15pm Friday 15th March  -  Sunday 17th March


Start:        Tuesday 23rd April (Boarders) Wednesday 24th April (Day Pupils)
Finish:        Saturday 6th July - Prize Giving (10:30am - 12:30pm)
Half Term:     4:15pm Friday 24th May – Sunday 2nd June
1st Leave Weekend: 4.15pm Friday 3rd May (to include Bank Holiday Monday 6th May)
*2nd Leave Weekend: 4.15pm Friday 21th June – Sunday 23rd June (*Provisional)

    •    At the beginning of term, Boarders are due back here at 5:00pm on the day stated. 

    •    Day pupils should be here by 8:15am the following day. 

    •    At all Leave Weekends and Half Terms, Boarders are due back between 6:30pm and 8:00pm

Next Steps…

To arrange a visit, or for any other enquiries regarding admissions at the Senior School, please contact our Head of Admissions, Mrs Carole Heritage on 01225 721 133

To arrange a visit, or any other enquiries at the Pre-Prep and Prep please contact our Deputy Heads of Admissions Nicky Davis or Katie Hiscott on 01225 831 238.

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Tel: +44 (0)1225 721 133

Or send us an email: for Senior School enquiries for Pre-Prep and Prep enquiries

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