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RocketTry some of these websites to help your child become a successful and passionate reader!


‘Words for life’ has a range of activities suitable for Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children. Find recommendations on the latest books and tips from top authors on how to encourage children to enjoy reading and writing.

This is a fabulous site for adults, teens and children. It provides tips on how to read and share a book with your child, recommends quality texts and shares creations by illustrators and authors to inspire you and your child. It also has fun games, activities and competitions for all to enjoy! and top book lists for children

This site provides texts suitable for various ages and supports early development in phonics. The books, games and activities are linked to a range of reading schemes and are flexible according to your child’s level of skill. You may also want to try out the maths section!

Keep up-to-date with reading lists, reviews and recommendations created by parents and book lovers for specific age groups. It is regularly updated and provides a terrific insight into what’s popular in children’s fiction.

Look for a range of phonics games online to help with the quick recalling of sounds
We recommend:

This site is a really useful tool to support encoding, decoding, word recognition, comprehension using pictures and texts, and recognising letters of the alphabet. It is an American site, so a very small number of words may be unfamiliar.

Letters and Sounds is one of the many initiatives to support early phonics development. The Phases range from 1-6 and are flexible according to the level of your child rather than the age. Within each stage there are fun and useful games to practise a number of different sounds and spellings, and we recommend that you explore the phases that best suit your child’s needs.

Family fun recommends a large number of games to consolidate your child’s letter and sound correspondence. Try to recognise which sounds your child finds tricky when they read and choose the level , sound and spelling option to help them overcome this challenge.

Don’t forget to check our website for useful tips on how to read with your child! You’ll find it under ‘useful downloads’.
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Children who read for pleasure are likely to do better in maths and English than those who rarely read in their free time, research suggests.


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