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The Old Monktonian Club

Beyond Monkton, staying in touch

1956 - 1966 OM Reunion, Monkton

Friday, 18 October 2019

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A very warm welcome to the Old Monktonian Club!

All those who have been pupils at Monkton are automatically members of the OM Club. As such, they are welcome to attend any occasion organised for OMs or, indeed, any school function; they also receive annually The Magazine and are entitled to wear OM colours.

All of us at Monkton hope that you will want to be an active member of the OM Club, which exists to promote the welfare of the School by strengthening the links between past pupils and the School. We are keen to serve members in whatever way we can, and look forward to seeing you soon. 

You can now register in our secure area which gives you access to the OM Directory and also allows you to find out more about organised events.  Alternatively, you can phone or email our Alumni Officer, Caroline Bone, in the Development Office.  She always loves to hear what our OMs are up to!  Her email address is and her phone number is 01225 721195.

Why not become reconnected with your old school, if you are not already? I look forward to seeing you in the near future.

For the latest images from OM Club Events, please visit the Galleries Section.

You can also keep up to date with with us by visiting our own Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook icon.

Tim Dewes 
OM General Secretary

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