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Scholarships at Monkton
Scholarships are a recognition of commitment to and excellence in a particular area. They are awarded on entry to the School for candidates at Years 3 and 7 at the Prep School and Years 9 and 12 at the Senior School. The Head / Principal reserve the right to award scholarships at any time if a pupil shows significant interest and ability in a particular discipline and is nominated by the relevant member of staff; no application for these awards are accepted or required.

The main benefit of a scholarship at Monkton is access to the excellence programme in that subject. This will recognise the value that a pupil brings to the school and help to develop the pupil’s passion and skills in that area by offering them extra opportunities.
In return, the pupil commits to serving as an ambassador for that area and for school; to demonstrate extraordinary commitment and service to their area; to seek ways of developing and to work closely with relevant staff to drive their own learning. The scholar needs to be an academic leader, conducting themselves in a way which not only sets high standards but also fosters a love of creative learning in their peers. They will be naturally evaluative and instinctively see beyond curricular boundaries.
In addition candidates for all awards are expected to achieve satisfactory standards in Common Entrance, GCSE or A level exams or other entry tests. Scholarship holders are expected to reapply at each major assessment point (Year 7, 9 and 12). Scholarships are not open to appeal.
Scholarships and Bursaries
Scholarships should not be confused with seeking financial assistance. For families unable to pay the full fee, Monkton makes bursary awards after detailed financial declarations. Special consideration is given to holders of scholarships, however, as well as the children of clergy and missionaries, in accordance with the School’s charitable objectives. Any family needing such assistance should notify the Registrar at the earliest opportunity and no later than the point of registration.

Where a bursary and a scholarship are awarded to the same pupil, the scholarship is subsumed into the bursary (assuming this is the larger of the two); the bursary will never be reduced below the level of the original scholarship. Where a bursary has already been awarded, the scholarship will not increase the bursary unless it is greater than the bursary. A top scholarship is not always awarded.

For more information about Prep School Scholarships please click here.

For more information about Senior School Scholarships please click here.

Dates of Scholarship assessments for entry September 2019

Prep School dates for 2018-2019

Year 7 (11+): Academic, Art, DT, Drama, Music, Sport

Date of Sport Assessment:  3rd December 2018 - Application deadline: 5th November 2018

Date of Academic Assessment: 15th - 17th January 2019: Application deadline: 3rd December 2018

Date of Art, Design Technology, Drama, Monktonian, Music Assessments:  16th-17th November 2018 - Application Deadline: 19th October 2018

Entry forms and further information are available from: Mrs Carole Heritage, Registrar, Monkton Combe School, Bath, BA2 7HG. Tel: 01225 721133.  Email:

Senior School Dates for 2018-2019

Year 9 (age 13): Academic, Art, DT, Drama, Monktonian, Music, Sport
Date of Assessments: 15-17th January 2019 - application deadline 3rd December 2018

Year 10 (age 14): At Principal’s discretion    

Year 12 (age 16): Academic, Art, Design Technology, Drama, Monktonian, Music, Sport
Date of assessment: 13-15 November 2018 - Application deadline 15th October 2018

Entry forms and further information are available from:  Mrs Carole Heritage, Registrar, Monkton Combe School, Bath, BA2 7HG. Tel: 01225 721133.  Email:

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To arrange a visit, or for any other enquiries regarding admissions at the Senior School, please contact our Head of Admissions, Mrs Carole Heritage on 01225 721 133

To arrange a visit, or any other enquiries at the Pre-Prep and Prep please contact Nicky Davis on 01225 831 238.

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