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Bursaries and Fee Remissions

Information on our bursary schemes

prep girl readingThere are a limited number of small endowment funds which provide bursaries to enable pupils who meet certain specified criteria to come to Monkton who would otherwise be unable to do so on financial grounds. A limited number of bursaries are also offered each year, out of School funds, with the level of assistance offered being means-tested and dependent on completion and assessment of a full confidential statement of financial circumstances. There is no fixed limit to the level of assistance provided in any single case, although financially there is a total limit to the amount of assistance that can be offered to pupils in any one year. Higher priority is given to children of clergy or missionaries, or where special circumstances give rise to a particularly deserving case.

Armed Forces
For children of a parent who is a member of the British Armed Forces, new starters entering Year 6 or below will receive a 15% military discount. Those entering in Year 7 or above will receive a 10% military discount. This discount is offered only to boarders. Please also note that where a scholarship or other discount is awarded, the School reserves the right to subsume the scholarship/discount into the Forces discount.

Sibling Discounts
Sibling discounts are applicable where a family has two or more children in the School at any one time from Reception year upwards and where the family is not in receipt of a bursary or other fee remission assistance. Such discounts will apply, however, if a family member holds an Academic, Art, Drama, Music, Sport or other Award based on merit. Discounts available will be 5% for the second child in the School at any one time, 10% for the third and 15% for the fourth (or more) child(ren) in the School at any one time.

Next Steps…

To arrange a visit, or for any other enquiries regarding admissions at the Senior School, please contact our Head of Admissions, Mrs Carole Heritage on 01225 721 133

To arrange a visit, or any other enquiries at the Pre-Prep and Prep please contact our Deputy Heads of Admissions Nicky Davis or Katie Hiscott on 01225 831 238.

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