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Careers & Higher Education

96% of pupils go to their first choice University

For the past few years over 96% of pupils at Monkton have gone to their first choice University. Many of our pupils go on to the top universities in the country including Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Edinburgh, Durham, Exeter, and Warwick. For a complete list of our last years' entrants please refer to the Additional Information booklet which can be downloaded below.

We make sure that our pupils receive as much help, advice and guidance as possible as they start to think about life beyond Monkton. Careers advice starts in year 10 and continues all the way through school as they prepare for University admission and other career vocations.

Our Head of Careers organises a number of different events throughout the year for each age group. All year groups are encouraged to visit and use the Careers Office which is full of useful on-line and printed resources. They can arrange access to a number of external agencies including advisors from ISCO (Independent Schools’ Careers Organisation) and the Services' Careers Liaison Officers.

In year 11, pupils have the opportunity to take the COA Cambridge Profile and Psychometric assessments and receive a comprehensive feedback interview on the results.  A Careers Evening is also arranged for them to allow them to meet various professionals and learn about the day to day realities of a wide range of careers.

In year 12, students attend a CV and interview workshop with mock interviews, and then receive feedback on their presentations and content. Students are encouraged to do work experience in the summer vacation at the end of year 12 and to attend University and College Open Mornings and Career Taster days.

All students in the sixth form complete the Centigrade questionnaire to help identify possible courses at university based on their A level choices and interests. After their AS exams at the end of the summer term, all the Year 12 students attend a Higher Education Conference.

In Year 13 students work hard to fine tune their UCAS applications. Their tutors, teachers, the Deputy Head (Academic) and the Director of Higher Education are all on hand to assist them in this process.

Next Steps…

To arrange a visit, or for any other enquiries regarding admissions at the Senior School, please contact our Head of Admissions, Mrs Carole Heritage on 01225 721 133

To arrange a visit, or any other enquiries at the Pre-Prep and Prep please contact our Deputy Heads of Admissions Nicky Davis or Katie Hiscott on 01225 831 238.

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Tel: +44 (0)1225 721 133

Or send us an email: for Senior School enquiries for Pre-Prep and Prep enquiries

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