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A remarkable ‘boarding’ culture that is so compelling, day pupils don’t want to go home!

Monkton Senior School boardersBoarding is at the very heart of Monkton and the unique atmosphere of the School is enjoyed by boarders and day pupils alike. All the Houses reflect the spirit and ethos of the School but each exudes its own personality generated by its pupils, Houseparents and staff as well as by its size, individual geography and location within the School.

We have six boarding houses at the Senior School, three boys houses: Eddystone, Farm and School and three girls houses, Clarendon, Grange and Nutfield.

The Houses really are home. It is the place to find a friendly face, the place to unwind, the place to work or the place to do that last minute bit of laundry or grab some marmite toast! Whether sharing or in separate rooms, pupils develop a real sense of community. The contacts and camaraderie that build up give the boys and girls a foundation of friendships for life as well as a wider understanding, respect and tolerance for all those around them. By the time the students have reached the Sixth Form they are well on the way to acquiring organisational and inter-personal skills that will help them settle quickly into their first year away from home whether it be in their Gap year or away at University.

I love it here. Boarding is one of the best experiences of my life

A flexible approach to boarding
Monkton is a boarding/day school with an inclusive Christian ethos.  Boarding at Monkton is a modern boarding model that seeks to replicate the family atmosphere of a home.  The boarding house is a home-from-home, where relationships are familiar in nature, the environment relaxed and stable.  This underlies the changes to a more homely geography of boarding houses, the recruitment of Houseparents as the leadership of these communities and the encouragement of strong and close bonds between pupils of different ages within their boarding houses.
In this environment, we believe that young people prosper and develop in confidence and in character, they become more considerate and better at relating to a wider diversity of people.  Furthermore, young people develop independence within carefully set parameters so that they become more able to be self-regulated young people when they go on to university, where most students are ‘boarders’.
To help young people ‘settle in’ to boarding, a more flexible set of boarding packages are offered at the Prep School and for the first year of boarding at the Senior School (Weekly and Home and Away).   Day pupils at Senior School are entitled to spend a number of nights at Monkton without extra charge (subject to the availability of beds) each academic year.  The extended day fee at the Prep School includes 3 nights boarding a term (in addition to breakfast, activity and supper each day).


One of Monkton's strengths is the breadth of activities available to pupils at weekends - in fact, many of our day pupils will spend all weekend at school just so they can join in the Monkton social life!

Every Saturday afternoon there is a full programme of sporting activities which follow on after morning lessons. There are some brilliant social events hosted by the Houses throughout the year - a bonfire party, a summer fete, a barbeque to name but a few and these, together with the music, drama and sporting competitions keep the students extremely busy at weekends! They can also enjoy the school productions, DVD nights, Pearce Centre parties, junior discos and informal concerts - there is almost too much to choose from.

Next Steps…

To arrange a visit, or for any other enquiries regarding admissions at the Senior School, please contact our Head of Admissions, Mrs Carole Heritage on 01225 721 133

To arrange a visit, or any other enquiries at the Pre-Prep and Prep please contact our Deputy Heads of Admissions Nicky Davis or Katie Hiscott on 01225 831 238.

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