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‘That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach’
-Aldous Huxley

All pupils study history at year 9, and are then are given the choice of whether to continue at GCSE. Many do; history is a very popular subject normally attracting well over two thirds of the year group. Results are outstanding. In 2015 48% of the pupils achieved A* and 71 % achieved A*-A. The subject remains a popular  choice at ‘A’ level, normally attracting two sets. Results are equally impressive with on average 75 % of pupils achieving A*-B and many going on to continue the subject at university. History isn't just about dates and essays! Pupils are encouraged to debate, research, explore ideas, present, problem solve and of course sustain an argument.

Year 9

Pupils begin their historical studies at Monkton by taking a broad thematic sweep of the key events and changes of the 20th Century. Themes include conflict, movement & settlement, power, empire, and ordinary life.


This course involves a study into 4 areas of the 20th Century, including 2 depth studies, one historical enquiry and one breadth study in change. Pupils follow the Edexel IGCSE (4H10) syllabus which can be found here. The 4 units are:
    •    Development of Dictatorship:Germany, 1918-45
    •    A World Divided: Superpower Relations, 1945-62
    •    The fall of Communism in Europe, 1979-91
    •    The Changing Nature of Warfare, 1936-2002

As part of the course pupils are given the option of participating in a trip to Berlin in the summer half term of year 10.

A Level

At a level pupils follow the OCR syllabus (H505) which can be found here. The qualification is divided into 4 sections:
    •    Britain 1929-97, including an enquiry topic into Churchill
    •    The German Reformation and the rule of Charles V, 1500-59
    •    Civil Rights in the USA, 1865-1992
    •    A 4000 word personal study
Pupils are assessed both on their ability to evaluate and analyse source material as well as by organising and communicating knowledge in order to reach substantiated judgements. Every year pupils decide to continue studying history at university. As a ‘gateway’ subject, it is in the top tier of academic qualifications and as such is looked on favourably by all universities.


As part of the IGCSE course all pupils are invited to participate in the 5 day trip to Berlin which takes place at the beginning of the May half term.
The Monkton History Society has  a regular series of guest speakers as well as visiting lectures and conferences.

Who’s Who?

Teachers in the Department:
David Bowden Head of Department
Sam Palmer
Rev Andy Hutchinson 

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