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Promoting intellectual curiosity and a love of literature

Every pupil studies iGCSE English and English Literature (Edexcel). Subjects covered include: Drama Study, Personal Writing: Fiction and Non-Fiction, Shakespeare, Poetry, Media Response and Prose Study, Responding to Unseen Passages and Speaking and Listening.
This course is robust and varied, allowing students time to develop their skills across both Year 10 and Year 11. An element of coursework is also undertaken for both subjects accounting for 40% of overall marks where both reading, writing and analytical skills are assessed.
Both pieces of coursework for English Language and Literature are completed in Year 10 (four in total) and reviewed and improved in Year 11 before final submission. The English Language examination is sat early in January of Year 11 with the English Literature examination being sat in the summer series, typically June.  There is one examination for both English Language and English Literature.

A Level - English Literature
Through the OCR Syllabus, students encounter a contemporary drama and conduct a close analysis of language, structure and form. They also compare poetry and prose for an extended essay. Their exam requires them to respond to named texts and consider context and critical responses. At A Level, we study Poetry and Drama pre-1900, Prose post-1914 coursework and a Synoptic paper, e.g. the Victorian Novel, Romanticism or 20th Century American Prose.
This year we have enjoyed studying The Great Gatsby, Rossetti, Hamlet and A Streetcar Named Desire. At A Level, we will go on to read A Farewell to Arms, some Ibsen and a variety of texts individually chosen for the Non Examined Assessment extended essay. The Non Examined Assessment enables students the freedom and creativity to pursue an area of literature that they are passionate about.

A Level Media Studies -new in 2018/19
A brand new and exciting A level which combines the creativity of Art and the written expression of English. A chance for students to analyse the world around them and to craft, edit and publish original texts ranging from: music album front covers, short films to more traditional printed texts. Students will also have the opportunity to showcase their work in 'pop up' galleries within school and in the wider artistic community.
Through studying Media Studies students will view, evaluate and analyse a variety of media products, and develop practical skills spanning a range of media forms. Students will find contemporary, diverse topics and varied and engaging content, helping our students to develop research, problem-solving skills as well as their creativity. They’ll also refine their debating skills through the discussion of contemporary issues from a range of perspectives.

The English department is a vibrant and exciting place to learn. Our aims are to enable each pupil to fulfil his or her potential in comprehension and expression, both oral and written; to promote intellectual curiosity and a love of literature and reading; to encourage a critical awareness of non-literary texts and the media and to promote the practice of reflection and self-expression. Our schemes of work are bespoke and altered according to the needs of each group. There are plenty of theatre and cinema trips and students get the opportunity to contribute to a wide range of competitions and publications.
We enjoy very positive relationships with the students that come to our lessons and have high expectations. We want students to be excited about their learning and to not only reflect on what they have experienced today but to think about what they want to know tomorrow. Our philosophy is very much based on the idea that 'Learning is for now' - and our exam results have always been of an excellent standard; as well as tutoring a number of students each year to study English at a range of top flight universities.

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