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Drama/Theatre Studies

Rewarding, worthwhile, fulfliling and thoroughly enjoyable

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Plays and performance will take you into other worlds, help you empathise with other lives, inspire you to communicate in other ways.  Drama and Theatre Studies is skill and theory based learning where each element supports and enriches the other.


Drama is unique as a subject, as it makes demands upon every part of your personality: your mind, body, experiences and emotions.  Specific areas of study include: self-devised drama, mask work, physical theatre, mime, practitioners, and technical design... Students will perfect the art of writing for drama, and will be reliable and hardworking, as the nature of the practical work will mean that other group members will rely on them.

As well as improving as a performer and designer, pupils will:
    •    gain in self-confidence,
    •    develop their creativity
    •    improve their powers of expression and
    •    learn better how to work and co-operate with others

As part of the course pupils will go on Theatre Trips, which enriches their understanding of different Theatrical Forms and influences their work in class. Practical work will culminate in final performances in where pupils are marked on a skill: Acting or Technical.

Students will then write about their performances in a written exam, worth 40% of the GCSE.

GCSE Examining Board: Cambridge IGCSE

A Level

Through the study of texts and the production of plays, students will gain many life skills along with theatre-specific techniques. We will analyse theory, subtext and character to lead us to creative form and design of performance - using our knowledge to reach into the lives of others and experiment with ways to affect our audience. Throughout the course students will experience varying professional theatre companies, analyse their techniques, and use this to influence the work in class. The work covers all facets of a production, both performance and technical, which pupils will learn to both perform and write about analytically. Students work closely with others, trusting them and knowing they rely on you, but will have the freedom to follow your individual creative ideas.

Exploration of texts and class analysis of professional productions will culminate in a written exam. The group productions are assessed as a full performance with each individual being marked on a skill (Acting or Technical) alongside notes that justify the theory behind practical decisions.

A level Examining Board: OCR

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