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A stimulating and challenging subject

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Biology is a popular A Level subject at Monkton Combe. Students who study Biology A Level often choose a biologically related degree course, including the medical sciences or areas such as genetics, zoology, botany and ecology. Others go on to careers in law, computing or teaching. Whatever your aspirations, you will find Biology a very stimulating and challenging subject which will develop many of the skills necessary for your future.

The minimum requirements are a Grade 6 in GCSE Biology or in both Science and Additional Science, and a Grade 6 or above in GCSE Maths and Chemistry.

The department is currently staffed by three very experienced teachers. Head of Department, Mike Abington, enjoys the topics of Biochemistry and Physiology in particular as well as playing and  watching  cricket wherever possible. Jamie Rouan, a man who has, literally, stood on top of the world in 2008, is very knowledgeable on the topics of Genetics and Natural Selection. Ann Stuart, who has taught in the USA and Switzerland, is a specialist in the sphere of ecology and conservation and is very knowledgeable on some of the rare orchids found locally.

The A-level Biologists have several trips over their two year course, visiting the Edward Jenner Museum when the topic of Immunology is studied; Studland Bay to look at the ecological topic of succession, and @Bristol to study the techniques of Gene sequencing and gel electrophoresis using their own DNA.

The AQA A-level course explores Biology in a very practical way and the principles of How Science Works permeate all aspects of the course. All students taking full A-level Biology will be expected to attend a field trip during the October half term of Year 13, the cost of which is in addition to fees, but which is subsidised by the school.

The Edexcel IGCSE course is taught at GCSE starting in Year 9 and the emphasis is really to engage the students with the subject, so a lot of practical work is performed.

Through the year an annual Wildlife photography competition is held and is open to all pupils. The Semmelweis Society meets once a fortnight, primarily for potential medical students, but all interested biologists are welcome and at least four visiting biologists come to give lectures on topical issues. Each Year GCSE students are entered into the ‘Biology Challenge’ run by the Society of Biology and the A-level students participate in the National Biology Olympiad.

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