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About The OM Club

Many Monkton moons ago....

Fiona Carruthers

OM President Fiona Carruthers at the OM President's Lunch in May 2018

The Old Monktonian Club was established in May 1887, largely through the initiative of C.R. Heald, who initiated an OM Cricket Club at Cambridge which six months later was transformed into the OM Club.  The first President was H.S Brooke, the father of three OMs, and C.R. Heald was Secretary.  The subscription was a shilling a year!

The OM Club has grown and expanded since its humble beginnings and many OMs have given freely of their time to help run the Club and its various activities.

In 2010, the OM Club wound up its then current structure and administration, and handed them over to the School.  Mr Tim Dewes was appointed General Secretary and Mrs Emma Jane Taylor, President of the Club.  All pupils leaving from years 11 and above automatically become members. 

The current President is Fiona Carruthers who took over from Nigel Gough in May 2018. 

Welcome from OM President Fiona Carruthers

Under the watchful eyes of nine predecessors, I took over as OM President at the 2018 President’s Lunch in May. The out-going President Nigel Gough, an OM of 1970s vintage, and school doctor to many, has contributed to the school and Club in so many ways we are indeed indebted.

In preparation for my new role, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Peter LeRoy’s history of the school, A Delightful Inheritance, and highly recommend it as an open and honest reflection of the school’s 150 years. Part of the book commits a chapter to each headmaster’s tenure since 1968, including one devoted to the present, under current Principal, Chris Wheeler, entitled a Time of Transition. I find this an equally fitting description for the OM Club today.

The launch of the new networking site,, reflects the changing nature of how we link up and communicate with each other. It’ll be a great mechanism for keeping in touch, re-connecting and sharing news, but also a valuable way to support younger OMs beginning their careers and to grow our own professional networks by finding others in our respective industries.

The Club’s OM Secretary, is former Latin and Maths teacher Tim Dewes. Those fortunate enough to be at Monkton with Tim knows how well he reflects Clarendon’s motto, ‘not to be served but to serve’. In recent years Tim has committed valuable time visiting OMs at university, offering a continuing link with the school as they begin life outside the ‘delectable valley’. This is important; OMs are an asset to the school. Around a third of current Monktonians are either the children of OMs or have found their way to Monkton through OM connections.

School alumni clubs and societies attract criticism for being just an old boys’ network. But with a growing proportion of us being female, and reflecting a wider ethnicity, the OM Club is redefining itself. It needs to be what its members want it to be, so please keep in touch and let us know – either contact me at or our inimitable Alumni Officer, Caroline Bone,  or 01225 721195.

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