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Unsung OM remembered for 80th Anniversary

Monday, 03 October 2016

It's one of those rare stories and one that gets dug up on the occasion of anniversaries.  In January of this year 80 years ago Edward VIII acceded to the throne after the death of George V.  It was one of the shortest reigns in history lasting only a year.  In that year as is customary for new monarchs proposals were put forward for new stamp designs.  Only four went into circulation with the head of Edward VIII.  But they were of a revolutionary design, simple and unfussy.  Amongst some of the initial designs submitted was a pencil drawing from Hubert J Brown a member of the philatelic societies of both Exeter and Torquay.  Brown who also happened to be an OM was only 17 when he submitted it, although the Post Office were unaware of this at the time.  The drawing was 10 times the size of a stamp.  Shortly after he submitted it he supplied a photograph incorporating various alterations.  Despite Hubert's original design being very close to the final adopted one he never received proper recognition from the Post office. 

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