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The Prep School go green

Monday, 04 February 2019

The Prep School had a mufti day on Thursday with pupils following a go green theme in their clothing.  Sustainability at Monkton Prep Day was organised by Mr E encouraging the children to think of different ways of reducing waste.

Each tutor group was asked to get their group to come up with 10 sustainable ways they could reduce or eliminate waste in their own lives, both at home and at school. The pupils and staff then had a poster or Google doc that they all contributed to and show off what they had done. Needless to say, the response was wonderful with loads of brilliant ideas from the staff and pupils. There is so much to build on and so much enthusiasm to tap into here!

The pupils were shocked at some of the environmental issues they will be facing in the coming years when we discussed them, things like the UN's IPCC report on climate change saying we have 12 years to change before it's too late and the recent record breaking highs and lows in Australia and Chicago. This is why it was decided to go for a much longer term approach for this SAMP day as it hopefully will inspire them towards lasting change and a longer journey towards a zero waste lifestyle that will stay with them permanently. Mr E's family have reduced their waste by 80% in the last few months from adopting several simple techniques and have found it's made very little impact to their time and efforts.

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