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Penguins arrive at the Pre-Prep

Monday, 16 January 2017

Friday the 13th certainly wasn't unlucky for some of the Year One children at the Pre-Prep. 

We recieved a letter from Bristol Zoo saying that they were over flowing with penguins and needed some new homes for them. They asked if Year One were up for the challenge of caring for them - they certainly were and once they arrived on Friday, the hunt was on!  Where could they be and what were the stange looking snowflakes scattered around the floor?  Of course it was a trail and the children had been reliably informed that inhabitants of the Antarctic would definitely be looking for somewhere very cold to hide! 

Without standing on ceremony the children were quick to discover the unlikely new pets in the fridges. 

penguins in fridges

There were shrieks of delight as they discovered them lined up neatly where you would normally expect to find a pint of milk.  Delighted with their new friends, who tie in neatly with their project on ice, it certainly turned out be a very exciting morning!  Brrrrrr ...

Take a look at a short film of the penguin trail below ....

Ice mural

Children with their penguins

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