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OM Dan wins prestigious scholarship

Thursday, 28 April 2016

April 2016 update

At the end of last year we were delighted to report that Dan Mangles OM (15) had been awarded a Diamond Jubilee Scholarship from the Institute of Engineering and Technology.  We have since received some more news from the institute about how Dan came to win this award and a short video which includes interviews from other award winners.  A brief summary is outlined below.

Dan Mangles Q and A:

How did you first hear about the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) and the IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarships?
My senior school’s physics department had a Diamond Scholarship poster on the wall.

What did you study at school and how did you do e.g. what grades did you get, what did you enjoy?
I studied Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths A Levels.
I really enjoyed Chemistry and Physics throughout, especially due to my great A Level teachers, Chemistry because it was such a challenge and Physics because I could really engage with its applications. I got 4 A*s.

What made you choose your university degree course? Tell us more about your university degree e.g. what modules are you looking forward to, do you have a gap year?
I picked Engineering Science because of the career rather than the course, since I want to try problem solving in environments across the world. I’m particularly looking forward to the challenges of control in electronic systems, and really enjoy the complexity of material science.

How will the scholarship help you during your studies?
The scholarship will enable me to live at University without needing to constantly worry about how I spend. In holidays it will let me get the right balance of working and relaxing by removing the necessity of a holiday job.

Who/what does/has inspired you and why?
One consultant I have worked under has a way of working with people: deferential and taking the lead at appropriate times, always willing to coach or learn as necessary. I find his down to earth and easy to follow problem solving approach a great model to follow.

How will you keep involved with the IET?
I will use the IET’s extensive library of articles and journals to keep me updated with advances. I am also interested in the IET’s projects to encourage and inform school pupils about engineering and may join these in the future.

What are your hobbies outside of studying?
I like to spend time on the basketball courts and debating, although I enjoy any outdoor sport (mainly simple ones like Ultimate Frisbee). I also spend time programming and working on amateur robot projects.

IET video

December 2015

OM Dan Mangles (15) has reason to celebrate this month.  He has been awarded an IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology) Diamond Jubilee Scholarship which is worth over £2,500 per year for students studying for their degrees. The criteria for these awards is at least 3 As at A level. Dan is currently studying Engineering at Oxford University. The scholarship also entitles him to free membership of the IET while he is still studying.  Very many congratulations to him!

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