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Monkton & Malawi Make Music

Thursday, 01 January 1970

Every two years, Monkton's Head of Biology Mike Abington takes a group of students to Malawi to experience the work of a charity called Fisherman's Rest in Blantyre.  The organisation runs micro-economic projects to help the local community help lift themselves out of a subsistence level of existence.  They encourage volunteers who have expertise in farming, education, IT, engineering to come over for for a few weeks or months at time to give of their time to educate and train members of the local community e.g teaching.  Monkton's students observe, participate and support, though it is most definitely not a voluntourism type trip!

Earlier this year, a new collaborative music project was born, after Monkton's music teacher Richard Mainwaring heard a recording of the staff at Fisherman's Rest in Malawi singing "Mfumu Ya Mfumu" which Mike Abington had made.  Richard loved the song so much, he decided to make a joint recording of it, featuring both Monkton pupils and Fisherman's Rest's Malawian staff.  Head of Academic Music at Monkton and conductor of the Girls' Choir, Peter Wilson-Lambert, was drafted in to compose new music to sit alongside the song.  An array of Monkton's musical talent visited the studio to record both "Mfumu Ya Mfumu" and Peter's new section, "Stand By Me".  THEN, the recording was sent back to the inspiring head of Fisherman's Rest, Wik Chichlowski, and the staff there recorded Monkton's new music!!  This was subsequently added to the mix back in Monkton's studio, making the whole project a fantastic collaboration of equally talented singers and musicians.

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