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Lt Col West VC, DSO & Bar, MC Memorial Dinner

Wednesday, 04 May 2016

Traditionally Monkton Combe CCF has held an annual dinner to thank the student NCOs for the hard work and leadership they demonstrate in the development of younger cadets. We were delighted this year to be able to invite serving and ex-serving parents and OMs to allow our NCOs to experience a formal mess dinner which has been named in memory of Lt Col Richard Annesley West VC, DSO & Bar, MC.

The dinner was well received with 82 guests, a mixture of students, parents, OMs and staff enjoying excellent food and conversation. The experience was especially inspiring for our NCOs, some of whom intend to pursue careers in the army, as a number of high ranking officers were present in the splendor of their mess dress. Many of our guests have complimented our NCOs as charming and engaging hosts and we are pleased that several were surprised to be reunited with old friends and colleagues. We were fortunate to have General Sir Roger Wheeler present as our guest speaker. The words he shared highlighted the characteristics developed in our young cadets in the CCF as he discussed the standards and values of the British military and how important they are in many different aspects of our lives, both personal and professional. The example of Lt Col Richard West's leadership in battle serve as demonstration of these in action although they will benefit all whether in a military or civilian environment.

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