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House Music - A Show Stopper once again

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Clarendon House - Winners of House Music 2016

The House Music Festival always ensures that the new school year gets off to a good start; with just three weeks to prepare, the music department is crammed every break time with house choirs and bands. Any visitor to the school must wonder what on earth is going on; standing in the inner quad, it’s possible to hear three, if not four house songs all at the same time, and all sung with extraordinary energy! I love it!

Our adjudicator for the evening, Kate Davies (Director of Music at Edgeborough School) was particularly impressed by the quality of the singing in all of the House Choirs, and a real highlight for me was Matteo Sabba’s performance of Not Guilty, supported by a superb Farm House band. Liam Sailes (Eddystone) wowed us all with a virtuoso demonstration of how to use a loop pedal whilst singing Ed Sheeran’s You need me, and nobody in the audience that evening will forget the hilarious School House duo of Will & Will! The overall winners were Clarendon, but I’m sure it’s not just about the silverware is it?! Well done everyone, another sensational Monkton evening and one which everyone should feel extremely proud of.

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