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Four Candles, by Chris Wheeler, Principal

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The Advent Wreath - Four Candles 

An evergreen wreath, no beginning or end,

Four candles within it, for the hope we will spend.


The first, Expectation, speaks of one who will come

To redeem all the world as a sacrificed Son

This light will remind us how darkness will fade

When we choose to bring light to our souls, that He made.


The second is Hope for a world beyond death:

An eternal life promised; an unstoppable breath.

The third shows us Joy for the message he brings

Is of love and redemption brought on angel’s soft wings.


Then purity follows, penultimate flame,

To remind us our Lord took on pain without blame,

Having never Himself given in to temptation,

The Lord Jesus Christ is our one pure salvation.


The final flame lit is to mark his arrival,

On Christmas day born for eternal survival.

An innocent baby came to Bethlehem’s night:

This candle, a symbol for the ultimate light.





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