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Every picture tells a story

Monday, 18 June 2018

Hundreds of pupils from schools across Combe Down unveiled a picture which measures one kilometre, to raise awareness of global warming at the polar ice caps.

The picture was made up of drawings and illustrations created by children aged from five to 14 at Monkton Combe School and Combe Down Primary School last thursday 14th June.

The children got to see the kilometre long picture in its entirety for the first time and walk its length as it was laid out at the Prep School to form the centrepiece of a Climate Change day.

The image is a kilometre long to represent the distance a glacier in South-West Greenland has receded over the past two decades.

The project has been created by the School’s Artist in Residence Sarah Sidders to help the children learn about the direct consequences of the melting ice caps in the polar regions.

Sarah said, “Every pupil that took part in the walk has contributed to the drawing and during the walk was able to learn about the cause and consequences of climate change, and understand directly what this means when we talk about the melting of polar ice caps. They got a sense of the distance and speed at which these are melting and be able to learn about what causes it and what we can do to change our lifestyles.”

Jane Gascoigne, Headteacher from Combe Down Primary school said, “We are so grateful to Sarah for all the time she has generously given to us as a school, to enable each child to produce a beautiful piece of artwork that will be used as part of the kilometre long display. The themes considered were water, biodiversity, landscape, insects and birds as well as contours. The whole process has enabled the children to consider the impact of global warming on the glaciers. By walking the length of the one kilometre display the children had a tangible sense of the enormity of the impact of global warming. This joint project shows what can be achieved when we work together – just think what could be achieved if this applied to the wider world.”

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