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Celebration at Monkton as pupils secure top grades

Thursday, 01 January 1970

Monkton pupils were celebrating again today as over a third of all grades were awarded at 8 or 9 (the equivalent of an A*). Nearly two thirds of grades were 7-9 (A-A*) and over three quarters were 6-9 (A*-B).

An impressive 10% of pupils secured 5 or more grade 9s but special congratulations must go to the two pupils who each achieved 9 grade 9s; The Times reported that only 800 pupils across the UK achieved this accolade last year.

By subject, over 80% of pupils secured Grade 7-9 in Biology, English, History and Mandarin and an impressive 42% of pupils securing a Grade 9 in Art.

Principal Chris Wheeler said, ‘It is great to see our pupils achieving their goals, especially in the context of our focus on self knowledge and learning from failure. In the longer term, however, rather than continued tweaking and reform, there is surely a question about the purpose of GCSEs in a world where 16 is no longer the end of a child’s education. We all know that weighing something doesn’t make it heavier, nor does constantly testing give pupils more knowledge. Monkton pupils continue to demonstrate that you can achieve success in exams despite the constant pressure of DfE imposed exams but there is a need for further national debate about what we want the purpose and outcome of an outstanding education to be.’

These results come on the back of 72% of A-level grades at A*-B last week with an average UCAS points score of 144 (equivalent of AAA at A level) and 90% of pupils securing offers from universities they chose after A-level results last week.

Monkton has a strong reputation for its focus on pupil well being and pastoral care. The next Open Day at the Senior School is on the 14th of September 2019 and at the Prep and Pre-Prep schools on the 5th of October 2019. To book your place on an open day or arrange an individual visit to Monkton Combe School please visit

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