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Centenary Photos Of Monkton

As we celebrate our 150th year we were delighted to receive this set of pictures taken by OM Christopher Hayward in 1968 - Monkton's Centenary Year.  We hope you enjoy viewing these, many thanks to Mr Hayward for taking the time to send them in.

The Boathouse
Chapel and Swimming Pool
The Chapel
Chapel and Kearns block
Chapel from Road
Craft Block
Flooded Longmead and Pavillion
From Dundas Aqueduct upstream Side
Gym and terrace
Kearn's Block
Kearn's Block
The Library
Flooded Longmead and viaduct
Longmead and Pavilion
Assembly Hall
Memorial Block
Memorial Block from street side
Prefect's porch Terrace, Gym and Terrace
Road from A36 viaduct towards Winsley
Stranded Wolseley below viaduct
Swimming Pool and Kearn's Block
Viaduct and Midford Brook Bridge
Viaduct below Longmead
View out of Senior Prefect's Study room
Swimming Pool