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Prep Boarders' blog week 6 - October 14

Monday, 13 October 2014

Its been another exiting week for Hatton House with lots going on in the evenings on top of good wins for the teams that some of us are in, in both the rugby and the hockey. 

Saturday was a busy day with lots of visiting parents being guided round the school for open day. In the afternoon, we got to play on the giant inflatable in the pool. Mr Coombe also took a fun hockey session and then we got to watch the local rugby team Oldfield get beaten by a visiting team.

This Sunday we all went out for an amazing day at Longleat Safari and Adventure Park. An enormous Lion walked right next to the minibus during the safari which was really scary and the Tigers looked to be eyeing up some of the year 8's as a tasty snack. 

Prep Boarders Longleat

Prep boarders at Longleat with Postman Pat

Prep Boarders at Longleat

Prep Boarders at Longleat

Prep Boarders at Longleat

There was also the second biggest maze in England. We all ran in and got lost for while but using our imagination, and in a certain case jumping over a hedge, made it back safe and sound. 

The house at Longleat was also interesting and there were lots of weird and wonderful carpets on the walls and floors that it would have been so much fun to have played hide and seek inside.

We are all looking forward to half term but first we have the house cross country on Friday. This time we're hopefully going to catch the two hares of Mr Goode and Mr Coombe! 

"It's been a great first half of term in Hatton and although I am looking forward to seeing my family, I will miss my boarding friends but know I will see them soon" 
Prep Boarder

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