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Prep Boarders' Blog Week 1 September 14

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Prep Boarders

The Goode family, house parents Hatton HouseThe summer holidays have ended and it’s back to School. Yee ha! This term we welcome many new faces into Hatton House. Mr and Mrs Goode are the new Houseparents, ably assisted by the new Graduate Teacher Assistants, Miss Powell and Mr Coombe (like the school, only spelt different). Not to forget our favourite Miss Hinton who brings all her knowledge and experience back to Hatton for a second year. Mrs Hodges is also very much part of the team still, which is great.

The school week whizzed by and it wasn’t long before we were back in the swing of things. The great weather has meant we were able to play outside each evening. ‘Sharks’ is our favourite game where we run around with everyone after supper. Talking of food, the school food is just as scrummy as ever!

We had some interesting visitors coming to Monkton last week when three black bulls found their way onto Sham Field and decided they liked it very much. One of the highlights of the week was watching Mr Goode and Mr Coombe chase the bulls over the field carrying hockey sticks with their suits on!

The excitement didn’t stop there however, as the full boarders have had an amazing weekend of non stop fun! After swimming and games on the Saturday afternoon we headed into the woods and built a campfire, toasted marshmallows and watched the sun set feeling like intrepid explorers. 

After a lie in on Sunday morning and an amazing breakfast in our dressing gowns, we headed to the church service down the road at Holy Trinity Combe Down. Roast lunch was followed by a trip into Bath and a chance to walk around and see the sights with an ice cream. We all walked back up the hill and felt very pleased with ourselves for walking all the way down and back to Bath! It was an awesome weekend with so much fun. Bring on the next one!

prep boarders

Prep boarders

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