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Prep Boarders' Blog - May8th/9th 2016

Monday, 09 May 2016

Wow! What a weekend! The sun has shone, ice creams have been eaten and there has been lots going on in Hatton House. 

Saturday afternoon the boarders enjoyed sending rockets into the air with Mr Etherington. Watching the cricket matches taking place on the beautiful pitches and swimming with the inflatables in the pool. 

Saturday evening was a time to relax in front of a film or get lost in a book and look forward to all that Sunday would bring. 

The adventures started early for the Year 7 girls as they had the opportunity to enjoy sleeping out in the Tipi. Marshmallows were roasted, songs were sung and the girls went to bed tucked up in their sleeping bags looking at the stars through the smoke hole. The rain thankfully didn't disturb them in the night but poor Miss Stoelinga in her tent next to the Tipi had a bit of a leak to contend with!

Sunday morning arrived and our intrepid Tipi dwellers were given much respect from the other boarders as they tucked into the usual Sunday breakfast feast. Chocolate porridge was once again on the menu, winning some more fans! 

After breakfast it was a chance to catch up with some prep before gathering together and handing out packed lunches for back packs. Sun cream applied, comfortable shoes on and off we went on our 15km walk into Bath along the canal. 

It was a perfect day to walk and all the children enjoyed seeing the sights and sounds of the tow path. Lunch was taken in the shade of some trees and it wasn't a million miles from what ratty and mole would have enjoyed on their picnic. 

As the tow path ended and Bath began, ice cream flavours became the topic of conversation and as only Hatton boarders can, it wasn't long before they had a cone in their hand with an ice cream smile.

Back to school and some free time to play outside before a very special evening meal looking out over the incredible view that Monkton enjoys.

The 'Hub' with Mr Hutchinson thought about the wonder of Gods creation. Sitting looking out over the Cotswolds as the sun went down it all linked in very well.

Shower, quiet time and bed. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Here is a short video with some of what we got up to. 

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