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Prep Boarders' Blog - 15/16th Oct 2016

Monday, 17 October 2016

Here we are on our last weekend before half term. It's been a busy but brilliant six weeks.

The house has gelled together to make it's own unique atmosphere and vibe. As always, with new characters and energy added into the mix it brings a slightly different feel from last year but the Hatton family continues to be a wonderfully caring and positive environment to live in.

Bed times this week have been brought forward by half an hour, meaning the Year 8s have their lights out at 8.30 pm. Experience has taught us that with energy levels being lower coming up to half term it is vital the children get as much rest as possible. Lots of sleep = happy, healthy, achieving children!

Yesterday, we hosted our second 'Family Forces Day at Monkton'. It was a chance to celebrate the link we have with our forces families and introduce new families to Hatton House and all that Monkton has to offer. Thank you to everyone who came to join us, we hope you enjoyed the chance to meet up and spend time together.

Today the children are having a more relaxed Sunday. Everyone enjoyed a lazy breakfast with a fantastic range of pastries. Next it was off to church in Widecombe and a picnic lunch in Victoria Park. (The Year 7s having an extremely busy social diary were kindly invited to their second party of the weekend. After church they all headed off to Freedog to bounce away the afternoon.)

Victoria Park in Bath screams FUN to everyone who loves playing / swinging / sliding / whizzing / jumping / spinning...etc. After everyone had had their fill and slight motion sickness was taking over, it was time to head into Bath and settle the stomach with an ice cream or milkshake!

Back at school, there was a chance to go swimming, practice music, and finish homework before supper.

Funnily enough everyone was ready for bed after their shower and the chance to sit on their bed and a read a book proved very popular. It's been a very chilled Sunday but great fun for all. The thought of half term is very exciting for everyone.

We hope you are able to join us for a Boarders Parents Fish and Chip lunch this Friday (21st) at 1.30 pm before the House Cross Country Championships.
For us to arrange catering numbers, please do let us know if you are able to make it if you haven't already. Also, please could you let Miss Hartley know the travel arrangements if you haven't done so already.

Thank you to Dr Howes for her help today.

We hope you have had a great weekend.

Enjoy the film that Miss Potter has created.

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