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Prep Boarders' Blog - 14th/15th May

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

We have been blessed with yet another beautiful weekend and in true Hatton style we have not missed a bit of it. 

Friday night was particularly busy in Hatton House with all beds being occupied after a wonderful BBQ outside. It was lovely to see some familiar flexi- boarders as well as others who tried boarding for the first time. Hatton loves it when we can share our film and tuck nights with new friends who are day pupils. 

With no matches this Saturday, those who stayed behind enjoyed the sunshine with Mrs James and Mr Coombe. Some boarders were lucky enough to be invited to various birthday parties but we all reunited for a chilled out evening. 

With a clear night ahead the Year 8 girls decided to brave the sleepout in the Tipi with Miss Hartley also taking up the challenge and sleeping in the pop up tent.

The traditional Hatton House Sunday morning began with a delicious breakfast setting us up for the day ahead mountain biking in the Forest of Dean. 

On arrival at the Cannop Cycle centre we divided into two groups and were fitted up with bikes and helmets. Miss Stoelinga and Mrs Goode led the more gentle cycle whilst Mr Goode and Mr Coombe headed out into the woods with the 'extreme' group. 

The tracks through the blue bell woods were beautiful to cycle through and thankfully everyone made it back to the centre in one piece with only a few bruises and scrapes. The packed lunch never tasted so good and an ice cream on the way home made the journey go quicker. 

Back to school for supper and the 'Hub' with Mr Hutchinson. 

After a busy weekend it was a great opportunity to get into bed early and relax with a book before eyes started shutting. 

Night, night Hatton House, sweet dreams. 

Next weekend we are going indoor surfing!!! 

We hope you enjoy this week's film, to show you what we've been up to.

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