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Prep Boarders at Blenheim

Monday, 29 February 2016

Today Hatton House enjoyed a trip to Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire.

There was something for everyone and it has been a great day.

At breakfast news broke that the Easter bunny had been kidnapped by two naughty bears with an uncanny resemblance to Mr Coombe and Mr Mahon. If you get a chance to watch the movie from today you will see the bears interrupt a very peaceful scene.

The word got out that they had taken the Easter bunny to Blenheim Palace and only the Hatton boarders could help find the Easter eggs somewhere in the Palace grounds.

The luxurious coach made the journey very comfortable and it felt like it wasn't long before we were transported into the magnificent scenery of Blenheim.

First stop was the Pleasure gardens and would you believe it, the naughty bears reappeared to cause chaos in the maze.

After all the shenanigans the bears caused, stomachs were rumbling, so a sunny spot was found in a courtyard to enjoy a picnic lunch.

After lunch, the children had a chance to peruse the gift shop and spend a small amount of pocket money. With their Blenheim rainbow rubber and bendy pencil purchased it was time to go after some Easter Eggs. (we appreciate that mention of Easter eggs is a little premature, but have you seen how early Easter is this year?!)

It goes without saying that the Hatton boarders are experts in hunting out chocolate and soon hands and pockets were full. As with any good community the eggs were shared out equally and we made our way back to the Palace leaving no silver piece of wrapper behind.

Time for some culture and a chance to brush up on the History of the Palace. Did you know that Winston Churchill invented the 'onesy' or as he liked to call it a 'romper' suit.

It was time to get back on the bus and enjoy the sunset on the journey home.

After a wonderful evening supper and 'the Hub' with Mr Hutchinson it was into the bed time routine and time to chat through all the fun of the day before getting an early night.  

Thank you to Miss Coombes for all her help today on her first Hatton House adventure.

A fun, action packed, inspiring day for all.

We hope you enjoy the movie.

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