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The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation

Transforming Lives

Monkton Senior School

Since 2014 Monkton has been actively collaborating with The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation to provide free education for children from difficult and disadvantaged backgrounds. We believe these bursaries are life changing for both the pupils and our schools. We currently have 3 pupils benefitting from these 100% bursaries, but hope in the future to extend this to 5 places.

The scheme works like this:

  • Grass-roots charities ('partners') who work with disadvantaged children and local authorities contact SpringBoard and commend particular children who would benefit from attending a state or independent boarding school.
  • SpringBoard carry out due diligence, screening and testing before matching a particular child to a particular school. They work carefully with families and school to ensure a very high success outcome is achieved.
  • The SpringBoard Foundation currently contributes £10.5K/annum and the school covers all the remaining costs with the help of generous benefactors.

Full details are available on the SpringBoard website:

For more information…

Please make contact with the Development Office for more information about The Monkton Foundation. Our team will be more than happy to assist you:

The Development Office:

Tel: +44 (0)1225 721 154