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Calendar of Events

A milestone year approaches

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As Monkton nears its 150th anniversary year, in 2018, we are excited to share with you just some of the exciting plans we have to commemorate this milestone year.

In 2018 Monkton will celebrate 150 years of excellence in independent education.  Since its founding by Rev Francis Pocock in 1868, Monkton has been one of the leading Christian boarding schools in the country.  This sesquicentennial year runs from January 2018 - December 2018 and it aims to provide a rich and diverse year of information and events to celebrate this important milestone in the School's history.  As well as Monkton celebrating 150 years Clarendon, which merged with Monkton in 1992, also celebrates 120 years since its foundation in 1898. 

We are planning an exciting year of events throughout the year which will aim to:

  • Commemorate our rich heritage and history that formed the foundations of a Monkton education.
  • Celebrate all that makes Monkton a unique and a fantastic place for Christian education, where the uniqueness of every child is not celebrated but encouraged.
  • Look forward to the next 150 years of the School's future ensuring we can continue to offer the very best education to the next generation whilst staying true to the values instilled in Monkton by our Founder Rev Francis Pocock. 

We plan to collate a timeline of the School's history, welcome stories and anecdotes from any who have a Monkton tale to tell as this will help to build of a fuller picture of the School's social history and celebrate everything that makes it so special.  Your submission will be gratefully received, please email Caroline Bone on with any emails or tales.

Being true to our foundation and ethos during this celebration year we will also be supporting a nominated charity to help those for whom life is difficult.

The year will include an inaugural and closing service, charity events, summer concert, a landmark Christian service, sporting events and much more. We look forward to sharing with you more plans and events as they unfold - keep an eye on our website, Facebook page and e-newsletters for regular updates. 

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Calendar of Events

January 2018

Friday 19th 150th Celebratory Opening Service - Bath Abbey

150th MPS House Music

February 2018

Friday 2nd 150th Lecture - Dr Dan Roiz de SA

March 2018

Friday 2nd 150th Knight Lecture - Lord Butler

150th Mess Dinner - TBC

Sunday 18th 150th OM Hockey & Netball

April 2018

Friday 20th 150th Whole School photo at MPS

May 2018

Saturday 12 150th OM President’s lunch - London

Friday 25th 150th Monkton Triathlon MPS

12th 150th Rowing Regatta MSS

June 2018

23rd 150th OM Cricket

30th 150th MSS Prize Giving

July 2018

Saturday 2nd OM Golf

Friday 29th 150th Summer Concert

Saturday 7th 150th MPP Prize Giving

TBC 150th Sports Day MPS

September 2018

TBC 150th Lecture Series

Saturday 22nd September 150th MSS House Music at the Forum, Bath

Saturday 29th Old Clarendonian 120th event

October 2018

TBC 150th Overseas Dinner and Marketing Event Hong Kong

TBC 150th Science Day

November 2018

TBC 150th Joint Concert, MSS

December 2018

TBC 150th Advent Carols

TBC 150th Senior Drama Production

TBC 150th Abbey Carol Service

Next Steps…

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